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Tour Guides certified by the Costa Rica Tourism Board

There many advantages that come with traveling along a tour guide. You can get more information and details about our nature, cultural and historical facts in your own language that you would have missed if you happen to travel on your own. You can also practice your Spanish and some Tico Talk. Tour guides can help you save time and make the most of it. They are great at spotting animals and birds in hidden places or in the middle of the forest. You are welcome to choose any of the following certified tour guides that better suits your needs, among +2500 available in different specialties.

Title ID Number Guide Specialty Guide Language Telephone
Yorleni Fletes Fletes 293 Local Pacífico Sur Spanish 2735-1529
Yoselin Andrea Torres C 1777 General English 8830-9323
Yostin Jasiel Rojas H 2678 General English 6188-5120
Yulián Cordero Sánchez 645 Diving Spanish 8522-9143
Yulián Cordero Sánchez 1672 General Spanish 8522-9143
Yuri Daniela Sosa F 1667 Local Huetar Norte English 6335-6082
Yurly Vanessa Vado V 1971 Local Area Central Spanish 8533-0805
Zarifet María García G 1791 Local Osa Spanish 8539-1196
Zender Martín Chacón D 1632 General Spanish 8845-1206
Zulay Zamora Alpízar 2019 Local Arenal Huetar Norte Spanish 6030-3828


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