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Tour Guides certified by the Costa Rica Tourism Board

There many advantages that come with traveling along a tour guide. You can get more information and details about our nature, cultural and historical facts in your own language that you would have missed if you happen to travel on your own. You can also practice your Spanish and some Tico Talk. Tour guides can help you save time and make the most of it. They are great at spotting animals and birds in hidden places or in the middle of the forest. You are welcome to choose any of the following certified tour guides that better suits your needs, among +2500 available in different specialties.

Title ID Number Guide Specialty Guide Language Telephone
Alfred Siegfried Imfeld 2206 General German, Spanish 8332-7777
Alfredo Brenes Vargas 1442 General English 8665-0272
Alfredo F. Zúñiga M 1580 Local English 8464-9087
Alfredo Scott Porras 508 General English 8388-5828
Alicia Camacho Aguirre 2142 General English 8966-7751
Alisson A. Hernández M 1988 Local Amistad Caribe English 6038-4361
Allan Aguilar Oporta 656 General English 8378-4755
Allan Cruz Bolaños 1656 General Spanish 8923-7292
Allan E. Padilla Buzano 415 Naturalist English 8314-3297
Allan Manuel Durán R 1065 Whitewater Rafting Spanish 8796-9431
Allan Paniagua C 1330 Local Spanish 8632-3709
Allan Rodríguez Núñez 493 General English, German 8335-8946
Allan Vargas Gómez 552 General English, German 8818-3906
Alonso E. Paz Castro Local Spanish 6113-8805
Alvaro Alvarado Bolaños 1204 General Spanish
Alvaro Antonio Vargas R 2922 General Spanish 6076-9052
Alvaro Bonilla Soto 70 Naturalist English 8381-9793
Álvaro Calderón Alfaro 1216 Local English 8339-1458
Alvaro Chaves Astorga 949 Whitewater Rafting Spanish 8445-9982
Alvaro Chaves Astorga 950 Cables and ropes Spanish 8445-9982
Alvaro José Jiménez V 1285 Local Tortuguero German 8721-7713
Alvaro Montoya Mora 1171 Local Osa Spanish
Alvaro Rodríguez Vargas 480 Whitewater Rafting English 8861-1756
Alvaro Rodríguez Vargas 1772 General English 8861-1756


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