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Tour Guides certified by the Costa Rica Tourism Board

There many advantages that come with traveling along a tour guide. You can get more information and details about our nature, cultural and historical facts in your own language that you would have missed if you happen to travel on your own. You can also practice your Spanish and some Tico Talk. Tour guides can help you save time and make the most of it. They are great at spotting animals and birds in hidden places or in the middle of the forest. You are welcome to choose any of the following certified tour guides that better suits your needs, among +2500 available in different specialties.

Title ID Number Guide Specialty Guide Language Telephone
Alvaro Zúñiga Vargas 1571 General Spanish 6484-1482
Alvin Andrés Valverde V 2143 Local Pacífico Central Spanish 8424-6007
Amalia Rodríguez Araya 2693 General English, French 8330-7724
Amalia Rodríguez Araya 1000 Naturalist English, French 8330-7724
Amanda Medrano García 2771 General Spanish 8732-8177
Amarilys Villalobos R 2718 General Spanish 8815-8772
Amelia Garita Castillo 2131 Local Amistad Pacifico English 2761-0070
Amelia Garita Castillo 2906 General English 2761-0070
Ana Bertha Navarro Muñoz 648 General English, French 8991-8961
Ana Cristina Rojas Blanco 36 General English 8380-4285
Ana Iris Peralta Jara 1800 General English 8775-7893
Ana María García Obando 966 Cables and ropes English 8842-4017
Ana María Rodríguez 34 General English 8834-0097
Ana Mercedes Alpízar H 2910 General Spanish 8580-3690
Ana Moya Villalobos 137 Naturalist English, French 8821-6479
Ana Patricia Martínez J 2082 Local Osa Spanish 8692-2975
Ana Sofía Pérez Tenorio 2471 General English 8480-3733
Anastasia Legrand S 2694 General English, French, German, Portuguese 8521-8935
Anderson Cordero López 1921 Local Area Central Spanish 8736-5247
Anderson Loría García 1607 General Spanish 8751-7070
André Dupree González 1871 General German 6231-6121
Andrea Aguilar Castro 407 General English, French, Portuguese 8811-4346
Andrea Bolaños Morales 428 General English 8315-6066
Andrea Fallas Chacón 944 Whitewater Rafting Spanish 8892-0467


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