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Tour Guides certified by the Costa Rica Tourism Board

There many advantages that come with traveling along a tour guide. You can get more information and details about our nature, cultural and historical facts in your own language that you would have missed if you happen to travel on your own. You can also practice your Spanish and some Tico Talk. Tour guides can help you save time and make the most of it. They are great at spotting animals and birds in hidden places or in the middle of the forest. You are welcome to choose any of the following certified tour guides that better suits your needs, among +2500 available in different specialties.

Title ID Number Guide Specialty Guide Language Telephone
Andrés Porras Pérez 33 Local English 8330-4030
Andrés Ramírez Bonilla 864 General English 8868-6799
Andrés Solís Hidalgo 1105 General English 8315-6229
Andrés Soto Campos 2811 General English 6043-1997
Andrés Tomas Jiménez 2073 Local Pacífico Central Spanish 8328-5802
Andrés Zúñiga Barrantes 1757 General English 8917-6286
Andrew Tapia Bogantes 2079 Local Area Central Spanish 8986-4367
Andrey Artavia Cordero 1014 Whitewater Rafting Spanish 8701-7906
Andrey Campos Blanco 1175 Local Spanish 8500-9725
Andrey Castrillo Trejos 2706 General English 8536-9962
Andrey Jesús Obando C 764 General English 8822-6432
Andrey José Salazar M 2721 General English 8662-0025
Andrey Salazar B. 2101 General English 8316-8101
Andrey Salazar B. 792 Naturalist English 8316-8101
Andy Ulises Hamm O 925 Whitewater Rafting Spanish 6344-5605
Angel Antonio Ramírez 2027 Local Guanacaste English 6099-6001
Angel Gabriel García M 1819 Local Osa Spanish
Angel Quirós Murillo 1071 General English 8584-8599
Angeles Amat Ord 1913 General Spanish 8340-0307
Angélica Alfaro Araya 2084 Local Arenal Huetar Norte Spanish 8472-2542
Angélica María Corrales 2882 General English 8499-7446
Angelo A. Bemley Corea 1661 General Spanish 8806-8428
Angie Chaves Beita 1783 Local Osa English 8368-9927
Angie Fabiola Soto F 1764 Local Osa Spanish 8321-7096


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