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Tour Guides certified by the Costa Rica Tourism Board

There many advantages that come with traveling along a tour guide. You can get more information and details about our nature, cultural and historical facts in your own language that you would have missed if you happen to travel on your own. You can also practice your Spanish and some Tico Talk. Tour guides can help you save time and make the most of it. They are great at spotting animals and birds in hidden places or in the middle of the forest. You are welcome to choose any of the following certified tour guides that better suits your needs, among +2500 available in different specialties.

Title ID Number Guide Specialty Guide Language Telephone
Andrea J. Madrigal C 1404 General Spanish 8729-6652
Andrea María Navarro D 2919 General English 6099-3099
Andrea María Rodríguez 2873 General Spanish 8585-1922
Andrea Vanessa Fallas 2220 General English, Portuguese 8681-9844
Andrea Zamora Víquez 1348 General Spanish 8860-1062
Andrés Alvarado García 2685 General English, German, Spanish 8720-2330
Andrés Badilla Venegas 2420 General English 6348-8267
Andrés Bolívar Solís H 1179 Whitewater Rafting English 8315-6229
Andrés Chinchilla S 2067 Local Amistad Pacifico English 8495-0997
Andrés Escoto Murillo 83 Diving English 8848-9535
Andrés Escoto Murillo 2607 General English 8848-9535
Andrés Espinoza F 885 Naturalist English 8336-5933
Andrés Espinoza F. 1443 General English 8336-5933
Andrés Godínez Serracin 1860 Local Amistad Pacifico English
Andrés Herrera G 869 General English 8820-9597
Andrés Lobos Alemán 1356 Local Spanish 8783-8364
Andrés Lobos Alemán 1115 Cables and ropes Spanish 8783-8364
Andrés M. Chávez Rojas 1618 General English 8870-7659
Andrés M. Chiapponi M 668 Naturalist Italian, Swedish 8816-8491
Andrés Molleda Segura 1536 General English 8829-9674
Andrés Monturiol Rojas 2636 General English 8703-9140
Andrés Morera Villanueva 1727 General English 8781-8394
Andrés Morera Villanueva 589 Naturalist English 8781-8394
Andrés Obando Cordero 1236 General English 8311-4801


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