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Discover what to do in Puntarenas

Visitor interests help raise awareness of the natural and cultural attractions as well as the close relationship with nature, adventure, and recreational and sporting aspects.


The diversity of flora and fauna in the natural areas, coastal landscapes, and cultural aspects, make photography and video taking one of the most popular activities among visitors.

Observing historical and architectural sites

In Puntarenas, there is a small historic house that displays the city's history. There are interesting buildings and national monuments including the historic facilities of the Capitania General del Puerto, Mora y Cañas Park, and the central church. There are also excursions to the San Lucas Islands where there is the historic San Lucas Prison.

Bird watching

There are many public and private areas for bird watching, including: Negritos, Pajaros, Cabo Blanco, Carara, Curu, as well as other spots.

Recreational cycling

The area has picturesque trails, adventure sites, and areas for road or mountain biking. There are also trails to beaches and mountains that are very popular.


There are a number of trails to observe nature parks, beaches, eco-tourist trails, historic buildings, monuments or excursions through charming and authentic local communities to learn about their cultural side.

Horseback riding

This is good to do along the coastal areas, communities or mountainous areas. Horseback riding tours can be arranged through tourism businesses or local land owners who rent horses.

Rural tourism activities and services

There are a wide range of attractions and activities centered on the Orchids Eco-Tourism Shelter. The shelter is a mile beyond there. The main activity is hiking along the trails. From March to April, there are an abundance of quetzals.


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