The Pearl of the Pacific

The Puntarenas tourist area and the Golfo Islands comprise 1517 sq. miles and 264 miles of coast line. Part of the area’s boundaries is undefined since a part of the Nicoya Peninsula, as well as the city of Puntarenas, fall within this area. The shoreline of both tourism areas is joined by maritime transport. The area extends from Punta Conejo south to Puerto caldera where the mouth of the Bongo River is located.

Puntarenas is one of the most important tourism regions in Costa Rica. Its coastline is full of islands, inlets, beaches, and very beautiful natural treasures, all which make it an excellent tourist destination. There is a multitude of attractions based around the beaches, as well as protected areas, both land based and around its islands. The area’s center is located at Puntarenas which acts as a place for lodging, distribution, port of call, and excursions. Within its tourism locales you can find a variety of hotels and traditional cabins close to the ocean as well as all-inclusive lodging facilities.

This spectacular area is very close to the Central Valley, around two hours by car and 74 miles from the capital.

The peninsula area has very important areas geared toward tourism like, Tambor, Santa Teresa, and Montezuma, all with very beautiful natural areas, specifically its beach areas. You can also find the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve, San Lucas, Chira, Tortuga, and Coco Islands.

The Monteverde area, located north of Puntarenas, has both national and international significance because of its conservation efforts and life style centered around nature. Santa Elena is the hub for commercial services and tourism-based businesses. Other important communities are San Luis and Gerardo.

The primary attraction is the Monteverde Biological Reserve, however there are many other nature sites, picturesque trails, hanging bridges, as well as butterfly and frog exhibits.

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The diversity of flora and fauna in natural areas, natural coastal landscapes and cultural aspects make taking pictures and videos one of the most popular activities for tourists.


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Puntarenas English | Español

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