Santa Rosa National Park

Santa Rosa National Park

Here, there are various beaches, such as the Hachal, Danta, Coquito, Santa Elena, and Blanca as well as a lookout point and trails. The Santa Rosa Park is home to the most famous dry tropical forest in Central America. There are a variety of species in this forest like the white-tailed deer, howler and white-faced monkeys, etc. There are also two beaches: Naranjo and Nancite where Olive Ridley sea turtles nest. This area also has historical importance because of the Santa Rosa Battle that was fought here. There are also many trails and lookout points, as well as other places of interest: the Monument to the Heroes from 1856 and 1955, the historical house, which was completely rebuilt in 2002.

Surface Area
39,232 km2

Hours of Operation
Residents: ₡1,100 Non-residents: $15

+506 2666-5051

From San José, take the Inter-American Highway to Liberia and continue for about 35 km to the main entrance of the National Park. From there, travel 7 kms to reach La Casona Historical Museum (where you will find the registration and information office). Playa Naranjo is 12 kms from La Casona Historical Museum. The Murcielago Sector is 45 kms from Liberia, then continue to the community of Cuajiniquil (10kms) and then follow the gravel road an additional 9 kms to the entrance of the sector.

Universal Path

There are 580 m. on the Indio Desnudo trail, with slopes of less than 12%, with rest bays every 100 m., with tactile tiles, signage curb and tactile elements.


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