Guanacaste National Park

Guanacaste National Park

This park is around 70,000 acres and is home to the Orosi and Cacao Volcanoes, which are its main attractions. There are three main areas Maritza, Pitilla, and Cacao, which are described below: The Marita area measures 2,132 ft. above sea level in the foothills of the Orosi Volcano. There is a forest that transitions from wet to dry, springs and ravines. There are also a wide variety of birds and a large collared peccary population. Available services include potable water, restrooms, trails and an information center. The Pitilla area is located less than a mile from La Cruz. Its primary resource is rainforest. Along the trails the sightings of birds and other animals as well as a spectacular view of Lake Nicaragua are memorable. The Cacao area is located in the foothills with the same name and measures 3,600 ft. above sea level. There are trails that connect the transitioning dry to wet forests with the cloud forest. With prior permission, visitors can scale to the top of the volcano.

Surface Area
33,796 km2

Hours of Operation
Residents: ₡1,100 Non-residents:$15

+506 2200-0399.

To visit the biological stations of this national park it is necessary to coordinate the entire visit to Santa Rosa National Park. All access roads are unpaved and difficult to travel, so your visit must be properly coordinated. This national park is mainly visited by researchers and students.

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