Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita is a unique national park in Costa Rica because of its close relationship with the community. It’s an example of shared management for sustainable development between the community and government. The participation of park rangers and community lifeguards stands out through shared governance and management. Discover the most preserved coral reef in the Costa Rican Caribbean and enjoy the scenery, culture and cuisine offered in the area. White sand beaches, a turquoise sea and diverse marine life are some of the attractions that await you in Cahuita National Park, in the province of Limón. In this ecosystem, embedded in the Caribbean but with a forest environment, you will find species like raccoons, coatis, sloths, iguanas and lizards. You can also find snakes like the eyelash viper and the rainforest hognosed pitviper, and birds like the common black-hawk. Inside the park you can practice recreational sports and hike the trails, or simply enjoy the beaches, swimming and sunbathing. The park is supported by guides and tour operators from the community, who have been trained by the National Learning Institute and are accredited by the Costa Rican Tourism Board to help inform and provide services to visitors.

Surface Area
24.392 ha

Hours of Operation
Every day from 8 am to 4 pm, except the first Monday of each month (Sector Puerto Vargas) and Monday-Sunday 6 am-5 pm (Sector Playa Blanca)

+506 2755 - 0302

from San José, take route 32 to lemon, passing through the Zurquí tunnel. When it comes to Puerto Limon, before entering the city, at a petrol station, turn right towards the community of Cahuita, reaching the area of Playa Blanca, leaving the community of Cahuita southward about 5 km this entry to the sector of Puerto Vargas.

Universal Path

Length: 2.1 Km. Travel time: One hour and thirty minutes approximately. Difficulty: universal trail. Constructed of seasoned wood slats, three resting bays, and safety railings.


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