Cultural manifestation

in Puntarenas

Cultural manifestation in Puntarenas

Monteverde, Coffee tour

Who would not want to take a tour of a coffee plantation? The coffee processing plant of the Coop in the San Luis community allows visitors to learn about the process, ending with a stop at the roasting facility to taste samples of the coffee.

Town of Santa Elena

Nested in the Tilaran hills is a town that is both rural and developing with cobblestone streets. It is 4,373 ft. above sea level with a very cool climate and pleasant views of the hilly topography.

Various commercial and visitor services are provided. Visitors can get there from Tilaran, las Juntas de Abangares, the Sardinal-Guacimal highway, and the traditional route along the Lagarto River. It has a great view of the Nicoya Gulf.

San Luis waterfall

Located in the town of San Luis, the waterfall is an impressive site at around 1,000 ft. To get there, visitors must walk a short distance.

Monteverde music festival

Taking advantage of the first few months of the visitor season, different musical groups from around the country are invited to perform.

Visiting art galleries

There are a number of art galleries to visit with courses on ceramics, sculpting or painting offered, as well as the purchase products on sale there. There are also photos available of the flora, fauna, and landscapes of Costa Rica.

Cheese factory, Monteverde

The main attraction is observing the cheese making process and purchasing ice cream, sweets and other products that derive from milk. Hours are: Monday to Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Sunday 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Quaker community

The ethnic group known as the Quakers came to Monteverde in the 1950s in order to carry on with their customs and lifestyle. They are dedicated to farming and livestock, which later led to the creation of a milk cooperative, benefitting local Costa Ricans in the area.

Casem arts and crafts

The Committee for Santa Elena and Monteverde Artisans (CASEM in Spanish) makes available to visitors many types of work pieces made from wood, clothing, and souvenirs made from various materials.


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