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The Caribbean is known for its wide variety of activities including sportfishing, boat tours, diving, surfing, turtle and bird watching, dolphin watching, horseback riding, ocean and river kayaking, and more. Visitors can also experience the local cultures firsthand. The following describes some of the activities that can be enjoyed in the Caribbean:


With all its natural beauty, it’s easy to see why photography is a favorite activity. From fascinating historic architecture to gorgeous waterfalls and rain forests, there is no shortage of subject material.

Adventure along the nature trails and canopy

Many businesses have developed facilities to take advantage of adventure activities along nature trails and the canopy. Among them are: the Puerto Viejo Botanical Gardens, the Samasati Biological Reserve and Yoga Center and the Terraventura Canopy (in the Carbon River Valley).

Excursions to indigenous reserves

Visitors to this area have many services and facilities available to make the existing attractions along the coast and wildlife areas more enjoyable. Examples of other points of interest to visit are: a butterfly sanctuary, coco bean plantation and the Kekoldi and Bribri indigenous reserves.

Visiting architectural and historical sites

The architecture of the Caribbean has very important buildings that have been declared historical or architectural landmarks. In the center of Limon are the Black Star Line, the Post Office and the Municipal Palace.


The cuisine from Limon is influenced by many different ethnic groups, the most influential being the Afro-Costa Ricans and the Chinese, who create many unique and delicious dishes.

Some traditional dishes include rice and beans, dokonu or bluedress, patties, plantinta, pan bon (traditional Caribbean bread), socosi, among others. The coastal towns have many small diners, eateries, and restaurants, where visitors can enjoy Caribbean cuisine. They also offer a wide variety of international cuisine.

Excursions through the canopy (Rainforest Aerial Tram)

Located next to the Braulio Carrillo National Park, there is an aerial tram designed for travel near the top of the rainforest canopy. Visitors get an up close look at a wide variety of monkeys, birds, orchids, bromeliads, pineapples, and insect communities.


There are commercial areas in Limon for purchasing clothing, jewelry and souvenirs. For those seeking more authentic, hand-made souvenirs, places like Tortuguero are your best bet.

Recreational cycling

Costa Rica is a serious destination for serious bikers with more than its share of picturesque trails, adventurous sites and wide-open spaces for cycling or mountain biking. Surrounding beaches and mountains are also great places to explore.


Guided and non-guided hikes are a great way to explore the local communities, rainforests, beaches and the many natural, historical, architectural, social, artistic and cultural attractions.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding in communities like Tortuguero and Limon is an exciting way to explore Costa Rica. From architecture and scenic views to the local flora and fauna, seeing Costa Rica from horseback is a peaceful or fast-paced unforgettable experience.

Diving in the coral reef

Cahuita and Puerto Vargas have beautiful beaches that are perfect for observing different types of coral (light yellow brain, elkhorn and staghorn, fire, rose lettuce, etc.) as well as the mollusks, sea fans, crustaceans, turtles, and brightly colored fish, that live there.

Primitive art from Limon

Important paintings and sculptures created by artisans who express the culture and exuberance of Costa Rica are as unique as they are beautiful. These works can be purchased or viewed in galleries in Guapiles, Limon.


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