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Deciding where to stay during your visit to Costa Rica is one of the hardest issues when planning your trip. And more difficult is deciding among the hundreds of lodging options that Costa Rica offers you: Mountain Lodge, all inclusive hotels, luxury options in city, Mountain and beach, cozy cabins for a romantic outing or honeymoon.

The Costa Rican Tourism Board offers an exclusive collection of hotels that have fulfilled a verification process to obtain the tourist declaration or the certification of tourism sustainability; And we facilitate it by ordering them by tourist area, tourist places or type of hotel: Mountain, city, near the airports, rural tourism and more.

Costa Rica is an all year round destination, offering a wide variety of hotels for all budgets, most of these tend to have limited space availability, especially during the peak season. Plan your trip in advance, at least two months during low season and six months during high season (December to March).

Lodging with Sustainability: What´s the meaning of the leaves

Sustainability Certification program (CST)

Sustainability seeks a balanced interaction of three essential factors within the tourism industry: the proper management of natural and cultural resources; the improvement of the quality of life of the neighboring communities; and the economic success, which contributes to other national development programs.

The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) developed the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST) program for tourism companies with the goal of categorizing and differentiating Costa Rican hotels according to the degree to which their operation approaches a sustainability model, in its management of natural, cultural and social resources.

Previously, the levels were reflected on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 representing the maximum level a company could achieve in sustainable practices. To-date, there are still companies with a level 5 classification. However, currently, there are two levels of CST, the BASIC and ELITE, with the latter being the second best classification of the standard.


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