Alajuela Province

Alajuela is one of the most extensive provinces of Costa Rica, known as “The Land of Mangoes”. Its territory spreads to the north, reaching the boundary with Nicaragua. Alajuela was founded in 1782 and gave birth to such famous historical characters like Juan Santamaría, the national hero that burned down the “Mesón de Rivas” in 1856.

This province has an enviable natural richness. Its uneven topography includes the rainforest and exuberant plains to the north. Visitors have a choice of the two most impressive, active volcanoes of the country: Arenal volcano, in the City of San Carlos and the Poás volcano, at the Central Volcanic Mountain Range.

Poás volcano is one of the most splendid volcanoes in Costa Rica, known for its beautiful landscape and different habitats.

The Arenal volcano, with its beautiful conic silhouette, is one of the most active in the world. Its charm is enhanced at night, when the colorful eruptions and lava rivers can be fully appreciated. Many of the hotels offer a panoramic view of the volcano and its evening show.

During the last decades, Alajuela has become an regular journey for those who love Costa Rica’s natural richness. 



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