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Relax and let specialists organize the vacations that you want so much. Work and daily obligations do not have to be an impediment for you to travel once and for all to that country where you want to spend a few weeks in full contact with nature. In the following section you will be able to meet different companies from different parts of the world that provide the connection service with Costa Rican tourism companies regulated under the guidelines of the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute). These international agencies will ensure that the tourist product you are looking for in Costa Rica is the right one and that it meets your needs. You will soon be in the country that covers less than 1% of the planet's surface but is home to 5% of the world's biodiversity!


Paseo de la reforma No.445, Torre A,piso 6, COL.Cuauhtémoc , , Mexico
52 (55) 91 3245 93

Av.Europa,884-Jd.Europa, , Brazil
(55 11)3067-0900

, Madrid, Spain
914 484 258

332 BLEECKER STREET #K68, New York, United States
(+506) 2215 4101

Rüdiger Lutz Adams-Lehmann-Straße 56, 80797 München, München, Germany

3825 Henderson Boulevard, Florida, United States
(813) 288-4904

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