The Rain Forest鈥檚 Aerial Tram 鈥 Caribbean

The Rain Forest鈥檚 Aerial Tram 鈥 Caribbean is a Private Reserve of 1174 acres (475 hectares), located only 50 minutes from San José and 5 kilometers after Río Sucio鈥檚 bridge, on the Braulio Carrillo highway heading to the province of Limón.

The property has a shared limit of 10 Km. with the northern border of Braulio Carrillo National Park and is a buffer zone between the park and land devoted to agricultural production.

Visitants are welcomed, upon arrival, by its personnel, who will invite them to board the transport, which is hauled by a caterpillar tractor from the front desk to the video room on the visitors鈥 area. A short stop will be made half way, to enjoy the scenic view from the Brocoli Tree viewpoint.

After presentation of a short introductory video of the park, visitors are guided to the boarding area of the aerial tram, whose main idea is showing them the different forest levels, including tree canopies 鈥 level which is most difficult to reach, and to this moment that part of forest least known to scientists.

On the trails, the very heart of the rainforest can be appreciated; there is a great biodiversity of plant and animal species. A simple stroll through the trails and a ride in the aerial tram are an excellent combination to know and value the rainforest from the ground up to the tree tops.

The Rain Forest鈥檚 Aerial Tram 鈥 Lodge - Caribbean

All of the cabins are very cozy, having been built over a stone base, its style is rustic, and have a balcony. From here you can observe beautiful views of the forest, mountains and stars. As an additional bonus to this experience, you may receive the delightful, surprise visit of a Morpho butterfly, the scent of wild orchids, or the song of one of the many beautiful birds of this area.

Being an ecological project, conservation of the environment is promoted, and for that reason, no air-conditioning, television, nor telephone are supplied in the rooms, but the required equipment and energy supply to solve any inconvenience is available.

There are 10 private cabins, with two individual beds, private bathroom, covered with fine glazed tiles, hot water and ceramic floors. From the balcony your can enjoy fresh pure air, to sit down and just listen to nature.

The Rain Forest鈥檚 Aerial Tram 鈥 Pacific-

Following the highway to the Central Pacific Coast, from the main access to Jaco, 200 meters east and 3 kilometers north, following the route to Piedra Bruja. Only a few minutes (20 Km.) from Carara National Park, visitors may get there by their own means (be it by car or the public bus leaving from San José).

A 40 feet-high waterfall, gigantic trees and panoramic views of the ocean are part of the trip on the Rain Forest鈥檚 Aerial Tram 鈥 Pacífic, the newest adventure tour in Costa Rica. Gondolas are open, with a canvas roof and capacity for eight passengers and a naturalist guide. The rough topography of the forest meant that the aerial tram had to be modified to lift it up from the forest ground to a maximum altitude of 130 feet above the robust valley.

Most of the reserve is covered by primary forest, with huge trees reaching up to 150 feet high and which may be more than 200 years old, extending their branches as a layer of dense shadows project themselves to the forest ground. Ferns, palm trees and other types of brushes grow on this forest ground, where a small stream keeps it moist all year round.

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