Welcome to this new phase for tourism in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica

We are starting a new administration with new challenges and with a new vision of change that will help strengthen the national tourism sector!

It is my desire to work for a transformed, unified and strengthened tourism that represents a unique, differentiated, friendly and sustainable destination, which meets the expectations and needs of the sector and that of all the domestic and international tourists.

The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) has developed a series of strategies and activities that guarantee the quality of the destination in a sustainable manner. This is why we should continue to strengthen these activities with clear policies that support the Sustainable Tourism Development Model that we wish to follow.

In this quest to give vitality to this sector, we must continue working to accelerate the process of attracting more airlines and cruise ships; incorporate new markets and strengthen current ones; work with other governmental and regional institutions to improve the infrastructure; contribute to the creation of new and better opportunities for the entrepreneurs succeeding in a tourism chain that benefits the Costa Rican society as a whole.

Our visitors will have a unique experience in Costa Rica that goes beyond the senses with all the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer: nature, culture, history, cuisine, adventure, peace, prosperity, stability and above all, its essence, its happy, friendly, and peaceful people, all of which motivates you to fall in love, stay longer and keep visiting.

My work and commitment to improve will be with all of you: tourists, entrepreneurs, organizations, friends and with all the collaborators of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), because together, and only together, we can ensure our Costa Rica projects and promotes itself more around the world.

Minister of Tourism

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