Costa Rica: a Complete Destination… an Authentic Experience

Costa Rica

Mauricio Ventura

Welcome to the happiest country in the world, where we gamble on peace and education, for democracy and sustainability.

On behalf of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), I give you my most cordial welcome to Costa Rica, a multi-destination country, with a diverse and disperse product across its 51,100 km²; a land abundant in natural treasures, very fertile for growing our daily bread, that pioneered its way to a sustainable tourism, renowned worldwide. A nation with charming and warm people, ready to offer sustainable tourism products and services that are differentiated, whether it is for your vacation or business trip.

I hope that during your stay in Costa Rica, you have an authentic life experience that you can take with you, one of an unforgettable trip, where the natural, cultural, historical and gastronomical riches will be sensations imprinted in your memory.

Costa Rica defined, almost two decades ago, a tourist-development model in accordance with our history; because of this, we have become a completely sustainable destination, with a tourism infrastructure based on a solid foundation with a balance between social, economic, and environmental development.

We are committed to the protection of our environment and its natural richness, as well as the culture in the communities through the Certification for Tourist Sustainability (CST), geared toward the tourism companies that wish to have it, and which has placed us on the world tourism showcase.

In addition, we work to promote safe tourism. For this, we encourage that lodging companies commit to the Code of Conduct against the Sexual Commercial Exploitation of Boy, Girls and Adolescents, associated with travel and tourism in Costa Rica, also an initiative recognized by the World Tourism Organization and other organizations.

Come and enjoy Costa Rica, a small country that because of its exquisite riches, it safeguards 5% of the existing biodiversity in the world, which is shared with our guests so they can enjoy the best travel experience. I invite you to stay a few days or return soon to enjoy our country, to relax without forgoing the comfort of the modern world, an experience that exceeds your senses, in total harmony with nature and the riches that this land offers.
You are invited to experience “pura vida” and vibrate with the energy of our land.

Mauricio Ventura
Ministro de Turismo

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