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MR. & MRS. For 10 years ,I have been going to Costa Rica..It is wonderful!!! Why travel here in the U.S.A. when you can go to such a beautiful place for the same money ? We wil retire there. PURA VIDA!!!!!!
Victor & Aurora
Emerald of Central America. I recently visited your country and I must say I totally enjoyed it. The country is so green and has so much biodiversity. The people are beautiful, amazing and charming. The food was excellent, from what I was told most of the food is locally grown which is great. I love the culture there. History is a subject that I am very much into and Costa Rica has no shortage of history. Precolumbiam artifacts(Giant Stone Spheres, Gold and Jade pieces), Colonial relics, and Post Colonial artifacts and stories await the Indiana Jones type of travelling enthusist. A visitor will hear the expression Pura Vida(Pure Life) repeatedly echoed. After a visit you totally understand why that expression is used. I wish my visit was longer, I didnt want to leave, Id definitely recommend others to visit your amazing country. I plan on visiting again in the future. Thanks
Martin C. Townes
Beautiful land of Costa Rica. This past weekend we took a journey into the unknown, somehow in our travels as intrepid explorers and rock social climbers, we inexplicably managed to omit a visit to the beautiful land of Costa Rica. Indeed a foolish oversight, but I鈥檓 delighted to report that we have now rectified the situation by playing a headline show at the second Festival Imperial. Sunday night, April 20th, at around 10.30pm, we took to the stage and it turned out to be one of those extra special, new improved, 20% more shows. I realized that although the audience come to see us perform, we are also treated to a show every night as we look out at the crowd and watch the story unfold. When 50,000 people all sing a song together it has an emotional effect, particularly when you are providing the soundtrack music. For a moment I wondered whether we had issued everyone with a DD hymn book on the way in, but it seemed that no one was looking down, they sang with supreme confidence and the script was clearly committed to memory. I have to confess a great latin audience is tough to beat, Costa Rica was no exception to this rule, in fact I am personally going to nominate them for the next international crowd awards鈥 The band could not have enjoyed the show more. I had decided to stay on for a few days to take in a little more of the country, it is truly eco friendly, people here are graceful and have huge national pride, the vegetation and wildlife is extraordinary, it鈥檚 a inspiring glimpse through the window of what the world could be like. Costa Rica has no national army, in these troubled times it is both remarkable and admirable, one cannot help thinking that they are on to something, as they say here Pura Vida. Your Reporter on the spot for DNN Nick
Nick Rhodes
Thank you. Hi, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for an incredible visit to your country. I am looking for vacation property and am looking forward to visiting many more times. I was amazed at how well my friends and I were received while visiting. I鈥檝e traveled most of the world and have never been treated by a country as a whole as when I was in Costa Rica. EVERY person I met was incredibly gracious, outgoing and friendly. I am sure you get email from plenty of people complaining, I wanted to send you one that is definitively not. Warm Regards,
Jonathan Kolbe
鈥淐osta Rica is a place you feel like visiting鈥. The famous Spanish rock singer Miguel Rios, with songs like 鈥淪anta Luc铆a鈥 and 鈥淓l Blues de la Soledad鈥, told the Diario Extra newspaper in regard to his visit on December 1st that he misses Costa Rica, a country he likes for its people and other factors such as 鈥(鈥) its wonderful nature in places like Sarapiqu铆 or the white water rafting in its rivers, 隆It is pura vida all the time!. Costa Rica is a place you feel like visiting (鈥), a place where you would like to spend a few days and visit the beaches and observe the beauty of Mother Nature, I think that麓s fantastic鈥.
Miguel Rios
Rest, surf and beach for McConaughey. One of the most attractive and famous bachelors of Hollywood, recently visited the Costa Rican beaches, after filming 鈥淗ow to loose a man in 10 days鈥. He was surfing and enjoying his free time. In Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean coast, he had some delicious meals at several restaurants. This is not the first time he visits Costa Rica and some people say he comes here to 鈥済et away from the reporters and from his work鈥.
Matthew McConaughey
He came to Costa Rica because of the proximity with his country. Recently elected president of Nicaragua, has chosen Costa Rica as a place to spend vacations with his family. He celebrated one New Years Eve in a restaurant in Escaz煤, he also went to a soccer game and he visited the Po谩s volcano and Sarapiqu铆, among other tourist sites. 鈥淚 came to Costa Rica due to the proximity with Nicaragua so that, if anything happens, I can quickly return to my country鈥.
Daniel Ortega
Real paradise is in Costa Rica. Berlioth Herrera, journalist of La Naci贸n, pointed out in the interview with the singer 鈥(...) he confesses he is crazy in love with Costa Rica麓s nature鈥 This poet is writing a book about different places he has visited and what surprises him of countries like ours. For example, he includes a trip from San Jos茅 to Arenal: 鈥淚 have always said about the countries of America and I mean it, (鈥) that if paradise existed, it was surely in Costa Rica. When I saw the thermal waters in Arenal, the vegetation, the steam and the volcano explosion, the wild and beautiful nature, I thought: this is one of the most beautiful places in the world鈥.
Jos茅 Luis Perales
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