ICT international advertising presented for the United States and Canada

Strategy for 2013 and early 2014

ICT international advertising presented for the United States and Canada

  • Costa Rica ventured into the cinema screens advertising in 1,345 screens, located in major cities with the highest concentration of top prospects, such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Dallas and Houston, as well as Montreal, Canada.

  • New products include the creation of a new app for the Ipad, the launching of Pinterest and Instagram, extending the reach among 12 and 20 new influencers, and the strengthening of the green season and the visit to San Jose.

The Costa Rican Tourism Board and its international adverting agency, 22 Squared, presented to the Costa Rican tourist sector the new advertisements for the promotion of destination Costa Rica in the US and Canadian markets, for 2013 and early 2014, giving continuity to the Gift of Happiness campaign.

According to Allan Flores, Minister of Tourism, the publicity advertisements that will be promoted this year and next responds to the precise approach of the country麓s tourist competitive strategy, which implies consolidating the differentiation of the destination, betting on innovation, the positioning of the sustainable tourism development model and the joint work between the public and private sectors that have characterized the Costa Rican tourism.

The new international publicity advertisements for the US and Canada seek to measure the authentic experiences of the destination, creating a unique emotional connection through different new tools and channels of ample exposure.

Ireth Rodr铆guez, Assistant Manager and Marketing Director of the ICT explained that the objective is to give continuity to the measurable and significant success that the Gift of Happiness (see additional note) campaign has had, in the positioning of the country as a tourism destination. The advertisements consist in:

  • Video and image session: 22 Squared in conjunction with the Drive Thru production company, carried out a shooting of 25 days with the renowned director, Patrick Pierson, who is responsible for documentaries and commercials and whose works have earned him awards at the international film festivals, including two of his projects that were presented at the Cannes Film Festival. The objective of the shoot was to capture the living experiences in the different areas of the country. On this visit, 50 hours of film were captured and invaluable quality visual material was achieved. The production company integrated within their team Andr茅s Madrigal, experienced Costa Rican photographer and graphic designer who has concentrated on Costa Rica麓s tourism area, trying to rescue the 篓Tico篓 authenticity, as well as the emotions and experiences and convert them into images.

    The objective of this first installment of the project is to construct a top quality photographic and video library, that covers just about the entire country, presenting different areas and tourist activities, natural beauties, characteristics of the areas and the authenticity of the destination.

  • App Go Costa Rica: Another novelty is the creation of the Go Costa Rica App, which will be designed in the iOS platform, for Ipad. This tool seeks to inspire dreams, simplify vacation planning and share experiences before the visit. The app will be launched in July; it will have different categories, such as adventure, cultural, nature, and relaxation tourism showing a wide variety of the tourist activities that can be done in the different regions of the country. Including, thanks to the large amount of visual material available, people will be able to create their own videos of Costa Rica and share them on Facebook.

    The app will be promoted in different ways, for example in digital media and social networks, thanks to the reach of the influencers and it will be available for free at the App Store. In the next phase, an adaptation for the Android will be evaluated and the translation to other languages.

  • New cinema campaign: With the objective of taking advantage of the available visual material, for the first time the image of Costa Rica will be promoted in 1,345 cinema screens located throughout principal cities with large concentrations of the best prospects in the United States, such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles (in April, May and June), San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Dallas, and Houston (in June), as well as Montreal, Canada (in November), for a total of 10 weeks of exposure.

    About 8 million 500 thousand impressions are estimated; meaning the number of times that people will be directly exposed in a captivating manner to the surprising images shown in 60 second advertisements that will be projected on the movie screens, which guarantees ample exposure to our best prospects located in these markets. The campaign will begin in April because it is a month of great influx of new films and it will be concentrated in June to support the launching of the Go Costa Rica app.

  • Expanding the reach of the influencers: Another new international publicity will concentrate on marketing the value of the Gift of Happiness campaign, expanding the reach between 12 and 20 influencers with high growth in media, with a large quantity of followers on the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and bloggers with new approaches to different marketing niches such as family, wildlife, food, and photography themes, among others. The idea is to use low cost channels, but with a large multiplication impact that motivates recommendations and destination positioning.

  • Strengthen support in the Green Season and in San Jose:To guarantee strategy sustainability, work has been carried out hand in hand with the private tourism sector and because of this, one of the actions sought is to strengthen support during the Green Season (May, June, September, and October) without neglecting the high season (from December to March and July-August), as well as promoting San Jose as a point of entry to the country and promoting it as a place with an ample cultural, historical and gastronomical offer.

    It is expected to captivate significant influencers in the US and Canada so that they can live and share authentic experiences that motivate others to visit the destination, recommend it and/or revisit. Such is the case of Peter Greenberg, influencer, investigative reporter specialized on travel, winner of an Emmy award and leader of public opinion with more than 300 thousand followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, more than 150 thousand monthly visits to the site petergreenberg.com and approximately 30 thousand publications weekly and daily digital bulletins. He is also the host of multiple programs, for example 鈥淭he Travel Detective鈥 and editor of the CBS travel news channel. He has been names as one of the most influential people according to Travel Weekly magazine, along with Al Gore, Bill Marriott and Richard Branson.

  • Launching on Pinterest and Instagram: Taking full advantage of the unequalled visual beauty captured in pictures, the betting will be on entering the social platforms of great popularity and exponential growth such as Pinterest and Instagram. In the case of Pinterest, this site boasts more than 10 million active users (15% of the Internet users in the world) and where visual material can be shared. Meanwhile, Instagram possesses 100 million registered users and 5 billion photos on the site; seeking to position the destination, influence on travel decision thanks to the wide visual content, generate conversations on the published photographs and amplify the positive experiences on Costa Rica.

鈥淭oday we give continuity to a successful campaign and we reiterate the importance of assuming the challenges of creativity and innovation. These new publicity actions are focused in captivating out target market in the United States and Canada with material of our own that reflects the commitment with sustainability, the quality of life and our warmth, which besides the broad reach it will have, awaken the senses, motivate to dream and crave travel experiences in Costa Rica. A destination that surprises, captivates and delights,鈥 stated Rodr铆guez.

Some of the results in the international publicity campaign Gift of Happiness

Campaign scope: 914 million impressions; more than 629 thousand interactions on social media; coverage on different media networks and on television programs like Anderson Cooper 360 and Ellen featuring Ellen De Generes, thus reaching a massive exposure of more than 7 million people, among others.

Also, in 2012 it was honored with 6 of the most prestigious award given by renowned international organization, such as:

  • Gold WOMMY Award, in the Measurement category, for the innovative manner in which the mouth to mouth impressions were measured (paid, won and owned) generated before, during and after the campaign. It was honored by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).

  • The app Enviromixer won a GOLD ADDY庐 Award in the Applications for Cellular Phones category of the Atlanta Ad Club. The app advanced to the district level, where it received a SILVER ADDY庐 in the Application for Cellular Phones category.

  • The Enviromixer won a Silver award in the Applications and Entertainment category and the campaign obtained an Honorable Mention in the Awards Media Integrated Campaign, in the 42nd Annual International Creativity Awards (Creativity Competition and Interactive Media).

  • The Enviromixer app received recognition at the HOW Interactive Design Awards.

For more information contact Mar铆a Jes煤s Flores Groves, Press Executive of the Costa Rican Tourism Board Phone. 2299-5800 Ext. 477/ 460 or at 8895-6367

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